New Grandson!

Sep. 9th, 2017 05:32 pm
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After much anticipation, Edwin Michael Howerton entered the world this morning.

He made it to 36 weeks, a little shy of the usual 40 weeks gestation, but not too early. As I type this, Edwin is in the neonatal intensive care unit, resting in an incubator to offer enriched oxygen and extra warmth to help him a long. Mom is recovering nicely and is, I'm sure, relieved that all has turned out well so far.

We expect mom & Edwin to be home before the middle of next week, once we're sure Edwin is fine without the extra environmental support. In the interim, with dad staying close to the hospital with mom & new baby, we're pretty much the full-time parents for Elodie. She & mom have been living with us for the past month anyway so they would never be unattended through the preeclampsia & gestational diabetes so this isn't a huge change, but Elodie does miss her parents and I think is a little confused by the changes.

When baby & mom are released from the hospital, they will continue living with us, albeit with a shuffle in sleeping arrangements so that mom & baby are together. We'll keep Elodie in her same bed & bedroom as we thought this continuity will help her adjust to the new family arrangement, but either Michael or I will be sleeping in that same room with her rather than mom.

Because of the c-section, mom will need about a week of bed rest and an additional five weeks of limited motion, especially limiting her use of stairs. This is all known to us: we did the same arrangement in 2015 when Elodie was born. This also gives us some time to finish renovations & updates to their new house near us: painting of the interior is still in progress. By the time mom & kids move back home, their new house will be ready for them all.


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